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P44 Pro Series 2TB...installation

Hi, Just doing my 1st build and have purchased a 2TB P44 Pro Series M2 ssd.  My motherboard (Asus rog strix b650e-f) comes with heatsinks reinstalled with a thermal pad fitted.My question is probably a stupid one.... The ssd has a slip of paper stuck...

NVMe SSD with CMB?

Hi SSD Team,I'm inquiring about the availability of NVMe SSDs with Controller Memory Buffers (CMB) support. Additionally, it would be ideal if these SSDs are compatible with PCIe 5.0. Could you please provide information regarding this? Thank you.

bremen14 by New Contributor II
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Solidigm update seems to have broken my SSD

Hello,I'm using an intel 660p 1TB M2 SSD. I had it in an old computer, and it never had any issues. Yesterday, I moved it to my new desktop. It was having issues with intermittently dropping, but it was otherwise working. Basically, it would pass all...

killias2 by New Contributor
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P41 Plus 2TB Causing System to Crash

I upgraded to the Solidigm P41 Plus (SSDPFKNU020TZ) a few months back as my primary system/boot drive.  Since then my Windows 11 system will randomly crash and restart.  I do not see a BSOD. It is intermittent and doesn't matter if the computer is un...

thirdlife by New Contributor
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