Solid State Drives (NAND)
Support for Issues Related to Solid State Drives based on NAND technology
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DC S3700 with ASSERT_A368 & logic disable

Hi There,I have a DC S3700 I bought from someone and it functioned well until just a few days ago when its capacity dropped to 8.4 MB and my computer wouldn't boot.I connected it to a windows pc to see if the SSD toolbox software would help and the b...

KMarb by New Contributor
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Bad experience with intel 540s ssd drive !!

Hi there ,i bought the intel 540s 1TB 2 monthes ago ,after installing it i ran the ssd toolbox to see info about the drive ,the ssd toolbox wasnt able to retrive information from the drive , i contacted support and they told me its not important ,ok ...

SReuv1 by New Contributor
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Increasing Unexpected Power Loss Count

Hello,Using the Intel SSD Toolbox SMART Details, I noticed that the Unexpected Power Loss Count (AE) and the Unsafe Shutdown Count (C0) of my new SSD 540s increased with ...

FWest1 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Intel 540s secure erase query

Hello, I've been researching the security features of different SSDs and understand that the 540s has 256 bit encryption. I have a couple of questions regarding this SSD1) How is the SSD 'reset' to factory state by releasing all the electrons in the ...

CHarr8 by New Contributor
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