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My SSD Model # INTEL SSDSC2KF512H6 SATA 512GB is not available on Intel Website

New Contributor

I have bought a 2nd hand Dell Latitude e5550 Laptop. It has the following ssd which is not available on Intel's website. I want to check the specifications specially the TBW. Please help me find it or tell me about the specs if anyone there has it or using it.


Capacity = 512 GB

Serial # CVLT706600J2512JGN

Firmware = LBFD16N

Protocol = ATA

Health = 80% (Checked by multiple software's)

Intel Memory And Storage Toll is displaying it as = Intel SSD Pro 5400s Series No Opal

I want to know the Lithography Type ? MLC or TLC ? 3D Nand or not ? and TBW etc.. Guyes plz help me..


Valued Contributor

Hello, atakhanking.

Thank you for contacting Intel® Memory and Storage support.

As we understand, you are requesting support related to your Intel® SSD Pro 5400s Series. If we inferred correctly, please, review the following information:

1- Please review the following information based on your SSD serial number:

Intel® SSD Pro 5400s Series (512GB, 2.5in SATA 6Gb/s, 16nm, TLC) Dell, No OPAL.

Meaning that the SSD is a TLC.

2- Please consider that the Intel® SSD Pro 5400s Series installed on your PC is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) modified SSD with a custom firmware(FW). 

We advise you to contact Dell* directly; to get information about the recommended tool and latest firmware for your SSD.

3- The Intel® Memory and Storage Tool CLI (Command-Line Interface)may be an option to check your SSD health status instead of other third-party tools. Take into consideration that due to the custom firmware in your SSD, some of the tool's features like; FW update are not going to work.

For a guide on how to use it, please visit the Video on Intel® SSD Firmware Update and Health Monitoring Using Intel® Memory And Storage Tool (Intel® MAS) article:

The Intel® Memory and Storage Tool CLI (Command-Line Interface) is available here:

Just a reminder, this tool may be different from the one that Dell* recommends for your SSD.

For more information related to your SSD-specific features and modifications, please, contact Dell*.

We will not close this thread, and you can still post and share your findings with the community. If you need assistance related to an Intel® product, please do not hesitate to contact us by opening a new thread, and please submit a new question. We will no longer monitor this thread.

We hope fellow community members have the knowledge to jump in and help.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,

Jos B.

Intel® Customer Support Technician.