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Usable spec sheets?

New Contributor

My company uses SSDs in our own designs. To use an off-the-shelf component (like an SSD) in a design, I need to create an internal part number for it.

To create an internal part number, I need a spec sheet. I am having trouble finding any on Solidigm's website.

For example, consider this part:

D5-P5316 Read-optimized SSD drives | For read-intensive and sequential workloads for data centers | ...

A usable spec sheet, for me, should include the words "Solidigm" (i.e. the manufacturer), "SSDPF2NV307TZN1" (i.e. the part number for ordering), and "RoHS" (if applicable).

I have been reduced to doing screen captures of the Web page to create the internal part number, and even then I do not capture the RoHS compliance.

Here is an example of a good data sheet:

Data Sheet: Ultrastar DC SN655 (




Thank you very much for visiting our community website!

By looking into your request, we understand that some documents with information are required, and you have added the following link:

D5-P5316 Read-optimized SSD drives | For read-intensive and sequential workloads for data centers | ...

We can take this one as a starting point because the website also includes our other drives and families.
Please open the link and note that there is a purple tab named "Where to buy" If you scroll down a bit there is another tab, "Download Product Specification". If you click on it will automatically download an Excel sheet that contains Essentials, Performance Specifications, Reliability, Package Specifications, and Advanced Technologies on the same page If you keep scrolling down there is a section for Resources and Product Support, and there is the downloadable document with the name Product Brief, This document is a PDF version that provides general information of this specific product. This document is very similar to the one from WD that you have attached as an example so we would like to know if these documents fulfill your request.

Please let us know if there is something else that can help you to continue with your project.

Regards, Edward C

Hello, Edward, and thank you for your reply. But I am afraid this does not answer my question.

Neither of the documents you mention includes the part number aka. Ordering Code; in this case, SSDPF2NV307TZN1. This is, in some ways, the single most important aspect of the product specification, since it answers the question "how do I buy this?"

Also, neither of the documents you mention provides any indication of RoHS compliance, which I believe your products have. Intel used to provide a separate "Declaration of Conformity" for their products. A separate document declaring RoHS conformance would be fine, but I can find no such document anywhere on the Solidigm site. In fact I can find no mention of RoHS at all on outside of these forums.

Let me know if my request is unclear. Thanks again.

Hello patl,

Thank you for your response.

We are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing an issue with the spec sheets of the Solidigm products. Have you managed to find out the information about the drive you needed?

Regarding the information about the SSD D5-P5316 that you mentioned above, you can find it here:

Ordering codes:

RoHS compliance:

Additionally, we would like to thank you for the feedback. We will escalate the issue with the specifications in order to give a satisfactory outcome.

Please do not hesitate to ask for further information.

Solidigm Customer Support.