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Intel P3700 blinking orange led

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Hi All,

I've recently bought Intel's P3700 800GB SSD to our Lenovo x3650 M5 (E5-2630 v3 dual CPU) server, running Ubuntu.

Performance is not as high as it suppose to be - hdparm -tT --direct shows around 1.6GB/sec. The same drive on a friends PC shows the 2.8GB/sec it suppose to be.

While trying to debug it I've noticed that the first orange led is blinking steadily - half a second on, half a second off, etc... It is starting when Ubuntu is booting even when the drive is not mounted so there is no traffic.

I tried to shutdown the server and unplug the power sources - but no luck there.

After installing the disk i ran dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/nvme0n1 bs=1M oflag=direct, like it suggested in the NVMe Driver Reference Guide - maybe I put the SSD is some kind of bad state?

Any other ideas? Maybe firmware? how do I find out which firmware I have? Unfortunately Intel does not support Ubuntu for the SSD Data Center Tool.

I'm do not know if the blinking causes the performance issue, but it is odd.




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Maybe your SSD model is failing. To see the chip controller you have to open it but it will void the warranty.

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Thank you for the guide.

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I just want to correct something, I didn't try the drive I have on my friends PC, he has a different P3700.

rookie67, I hope you are wrong

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About this situation, for Ubuntu you can go ahead and download the Intel® SSD Data Center Tool for Linux* here: Also, here are the commands for you to use the Intel® SSD Data Center data well, the activity light will blink anytime there is activity, please refer to the last page from this document: us know if you still require assistance.