Solid State Drives (NAND)
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Intel NVMe Driver For Install?

Hello,I recently bought an Intel 600p 512GB m.2 SSD. I am planning on installing windows 7 on it. Because it is NVMe, it needs a driver to be detected by Windows (It is detected in the UEFI BIOS). So far I have not found a driver for this SSD. My que...

idata by Esteemed Contributor III
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intel dc p3500 nvme drive not showing up

Hello I have a serious problem with my new NVMe drive...I am using asus maximus viii ranger motherboard and I plugged the ssd in it last pci slot which is PCI express 3.0 4x...I also tried it in second 8x slot but the computer wont post and will onl...

PPrim2 by New Contributor
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Damaged PCB on DC P3600

Hello! This is probably a total shot in the dark but couldn't hurt to ask! I am hardware enthusiast who has a P3600 which seems to have had an unfortunate meeting with gravity and hard edges. It has about 7 small SMD capacitors and resistors which we...

idata by Esteemed Contributor III
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Intel 750 : high read latency

Hello,I am using a 400gb Intel 750 (pcie card) on a Z97 board.Using AS SSD, I find that the read latency is about 4 times higher than what I see from reviews (0.08ms vs 0.02ms). The write latency is ok. The 0.02ms seems in line with the specs of the ...

NMICH1 by New Contributor
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i'm using currently few p3700 drives and looking into p3608 side for a while.but p3700 series made of better memory capable up to 10 drive writes per day.while p3608's lifetime is 3 times, should we expect in some near future drives like "...

idata by Esteemed Contributor III
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