Solid State Drives (NAND)
Support for Issues Related to Solid State Drives based on NAND technology
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600p ssd firmware update no longer gets to bios

I have a question about the most 600p ssd 256gb version.As of February 1st I updated the firmware to the ssd where it then instructed me to either restart now or to restart later where I then restart my computer (Alienware R2 15). However, the comput...

ABuko1 by New Contributor
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1.2 TB Intel SSD 750 Series trouble

My PC has been operating properly now for several months with no issues. However, all of a sudden now my motherboard seemingly does not find the Intel 750 SSD on a cold boot. Strangely enough when I remove the SSD from the PCIe slot and place it back...

BHalt1 by New Contributor II
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SSD 6 128 GB HP Probbok issue

Hello!I've just bought a M.2 128 GB 6 series to upgrade my HP Probook 450 G3 and when placed in the ssd socket, the laptop won't turn on at all. I don't know if it's a compatibility problem or something else, but I couldn't figure out for the moment....

JSzöv by New Contributor
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Resolved! Status LEDs on P3520 (HHHL AIC)

There are three status LEDs on the P3520 near the PCIe bracket. What do the LEDs indicate?On one installation, I see the top and middle LEDs as green. On another installation in a different server, the top LED is green, and the middle LED is amber.Th...

JJime7 by New Contributor
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downgrade firmware from 8DV101F0 to 8DV10171

Hi,We are currently using Intel SSD SSDPE2MD400G4 (intel-nvme) P3700 for vmware vsan 6.0 U2 p4.About two weeks ago, we are having problem with the nvme so that vmware support ask us to upgrade the firmware to the latest.At the time of delivery, the n...

idata by Esteemed Contributor III
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