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Trim and ICH8R

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Question: Will Trim work well on my ICH8R chipset? Has it been tested?

My system: ICH8R chipset, Asus Commando, Vista 32b.

Intended purchase: Intel X25M 160GB G2 (Postville, 34nm)

Intended firmware + software: 02HD, SSD Toolbox 1.2

Context information: PCperspective reported that Trim would not work well with ICH8M (notebook chipset):


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I have a asus P5B Deluxe Wifi ICH8-R (last bios update) and windows7 does not autotrim my SSD.

It can be different with your board, autotrim could work, I think I'm the only one here with this problem.

I have to run intel optimizer and it works very well here, restoring full speed to my 160 GB G2 x-25m.

It could be something in BIOS or anything else in my system, I dont know (I have a creative audigy 2 ZS and a ATI 5870).

I would buy the SSD again, if I knew I had to run the optimizer, it also works in top speed this way.

The HD Tune read graph looks ok here:

HD tach not showing the problem describe by the site you posted:

I have top speed (I'm running optimizer twice a week):

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Thank you for reporting on your system!

Let me try to put your diagrams into a context. Your HD Tune and HD Tach diagrams show sequential read speed after Trim. Your AS SSD benchmark shows various results after Trim. Since my URL given above indicates a potential problem after Trim and sequential Write, your HD Tune and HD Tach diagrams are not conclusive for possibly answering my question, I think. The AS SSD benchmark tells us more.

Here are links to similar tests for chipsets for that Trim works:

With Trim, 4KB random write is reported as 38~40 MB/s. Without Trim, it drops to 14~18 MB/s.

The AS SSD benchmark with Trim reports 20~21 MB/s 4KB read and 39~40 MB/s 4KB write. The order of magnitude of these values you confirm by your AS SSD diagram. Also yours shows the ca. 100 MB/s for sequential write, which indicates your fresh firmware.

After Trim (firmware 02HA), this reports 103 MB/s sequential write, 20 MB/s 4KB read, 44 MB/s 4KB write. Yours is very close indeed.

So your tests seem to confirm that Trim can work on at least some ICH8R chipset boards like yours.

Of course, you could not possibly answer whether that is so on all boards incl. mine; that would require testing on the same board. Thank you though for your very helpful hints! Maybe you could also do a HD Tach for sequential write, please?

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Sry I've uninstalled HD tach, my drive is 75% full I'm not sure if I could run the write test...beside you need hd tach registered version to do write tests.

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Never mind. (I imagined you already had it installed, when I say your test diagrams. Of course, installing it would be an overkill.)