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Does this mean TRIM on RAID array are working now on all chipsets? If not, is Intel did a mistake again on the release note?

Please refer to the images.


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The official statement by Intel in August, 2012, is that TRIM in RAID 0 is available on Intel 7-series chipset boards (except the X79/RSTe platform), if you are using IRST version 11.0 or greater, and have an IRST Option ROM of version 11.0 or greater on your PC.

Unfortunately, the statement you referred to is to general, and is actually not correct. The text about TRIM in RAID 0 support has been in this documentation for quite a while now, at least as far back as IRST 11.0, and possibly before that.

Nothing has changed regarding TRIM in RAID 0 support for other chipsets at this time (9/12/2012.)

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As Parsec says, it is not made clear in the help notes that RAID0 trim is for 7 series boards only and left a lot of people confused, myself included, as to why it was not working on earlier chipsets. 11.0 RST drivers were out in the wild long before 7 series boards were released. It kind of makes sense in that 11 series RST was primarily for 7 series chipsets although there is backward compatibility. I don't know why they did not make this clear at the start, maybe they wanted to see how long it would take for people to figure this out and boy, did it take a long time lol.


Hi All,

I will just confirm Parsec's answer to this question.

TRIM for drives in a RAID 0 configuration is only supported on 7 series chipsets.

A request is in to our iRST documentation team to clarify the Help section highlighted above.

Thanks for your patience.

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No, TRIM is not passing on all chipsets.

Release notes have been a nightmare, first I have seen where Intel posted that after 11.5 ROM'S/ drivers, that TRIM would work on 7 series chipsets.

I have seen where Intel stated it will work after 11.0.

We know that in a RAID 0 array, TRIM is not passing on x79, or 6 series chipsets.

Some MFG's of x79 motherboards have added an option in the BIOS to switch between the RST-E and RST ROM.

The RST ROM will allow TRIM, the RST-E will not.

There are modded BIOS ROM'S out that can be injected into the BIOS to get TRIM working for X79 and 6 series chipsets. Do a google search.

There is also a tool out now called TRIM CHECK, we can check windows to see if TRIM is turned on but this doesn't mean TRIM is passing to the drive/drives passing through the controller.

Now you can use TRIM CHECK, or you had to place a file on the drive, delete it, then open the drive with a hex editor.

Here is a link to the TRIM CHECK page, thanks to the site and maker. Please read carefully.

I have not seen any notes from Intel on if or when they will have TRIM functioning on the Enterprise ROM of the X79 or 6 series chipsets, but now people do have two options, either by way of the MFG of the motherboard or by way of a modded ROM.

What can you expect from someone who put's out a socket that is PCI-E 3.0 capable but not the CPU to use it.

Very disappointed in Intel. How about Ultra boot UEFI but not on add on video cards, only on native onboard video.

Most of the knowledge I have acquired has come from FERNANDO, NODENS, PARSEC. Thanks for giving us knowledge.