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Before and after Optimization

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi Mr Wolf,

As promised, these are the results:



A few observations:

1. I have used this drive since Sept 24 (about 3 months) and it's 39gb free/out of 80 gb, but it took only 2 seconds to optimize. Is this normal?

2. After optimization, all figures improved except the Seq write speed, which dropped to 59.

3. 4k-6kthrd write improved 2x!

Are these results expected?


Esteemed Contributor III

Again, my heart-felt thanks to Mr Wolf. Without your help, I would not be able to update FW or install the Toolbox.


Esteemed Contributor III

I'm glad It worked.

Your speed is better and with trim it will stay that way, but still a little low, maybe because of sata150 interface, maybe because of laptop bios settings or windows drivers....

Only 2 strange things I noticed, your sequencial speed should not have droped and I'm curious about "31K - BAD" in red, what this means? mine says mshaci and "103424K - OK" in GREEN text there...


After searching for "31K - BAD" in google (I sugest you do the same using the ""), i've read it's AS SSD that reports your partition is not alligned.

It's great that AS SSD now reports partition alignment in it's last version

It also reports if you are using MSAHCI drivers

This means if you allign your partion, you should get better performance.

Unfortunably this ussualy means repartition, reformating and reinstaling, maybe there's a non destructive way like using partition resizing/moving software... I can't help on this, I never needed to realign...if your up to the trouble make a post asking for help or search google and come back to teach us about it

I've downloaded the last AS SSD version and I got a lower score (even after I runned optimizer twice)

(notice it now reports mshaci and "103424K - OK" aligment GREEN text):

The 160 gb drive write speed is faster than the 80 gb and im on sata 300 with msahci and aligned partition.

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After moving 20 GB of data to my 2nd HD and running optimizer I got back the performance I had:

Now I have 90 GB free space, I dont know why optimizer didnt do its jod with 70 GB free space (see previous post)...

Esteemed Contributor III

Good morning Mr Wolf,

Yes, I heard about alignment, which sounds like a major engineering work to me, haha! For the time being, I will put up with the slower speed, until some easy way to align the disk is found or worry about it when I get myself a new notebook.

Thank you all the same for the very useful tips.