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SSD Intel 520 Reported running UMDA Mode 5 (ATA 100)

Esteemed Contributor III


Intel DZ68BC


8 Gig (2x4) ram

Intel 120 Gig Series 520 SSD

Using the Intel Desktop Control Utility, under System Info-Details-Hard Drive; I see that the Max Transfer Mode is reported as UDMA 6 (ATA/133).

But the utility also reports that the Active Transfer Mode is actually UDMA 5 (ATA/100)

Is this normal? Should the active mode be UDMA 6 as well?


Edited to correctly identify the program used to see the transfer mode.


New Contributor

The Intel Desktop utility also reports this on my system.

I guess that this is just a dummy value as all disks on my system are connected using sata.

HWiNFO 4.02 reports for my SSD:

Driver controller = Serial ATA 6Gb/s

Ultra-DMA mode: total 5 (ata-100), Active 2 (ultra-dma/33)

New Contributor II

Info about active DMA transfer modes can be ignored.

SATA devices emulate the behavior of PATA transfer mode supported/enabled bits in ATA IDENTIFY data.

Legacy IDE drivers could still be used to access SATA devices if controller is set to IDE Mode. A "Set Transfer Mode" ATA command issued by a legacy driver modifies IDENTIFY bits as expected but has no effect on the actual transfer rate. But changing to any PIO mode would have a significant effect as the legacy driver would use slow programmed I/O then.