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2x 80Gb X25-M G2 - To RAID or not to RAID...

Hello all,I am relatively new to the forum and have read a lot of the posts, and they are quite informative. I have 2 x 80GB X25-M Gen2 drives. I am currently running them in RAID0 (hardware RAID).After doing some reading in the forums, I understan...

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Trim/ToolBox Difficulties With System Restore - X25m G2 Owners

I have recently discovered a problem with Intel G2 drives while using Toolbox and trim and am wondering if this is a normal occurrence and whether intel has explored it.A few weeks ago I reformatted my drive and left system restore on. Two days ago ...

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Why disable Windows indexing on SSDs?

(I've posted this same question on another web forum before. I'm not a big fan of cross-posting, but this question is bugging me and I'd need to get a wider audience for it, so I'm now trying it here.)It's a very commonly repeated recommendation for ...

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