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Do/will the upcoming Intel RST drivers support Trim?

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@ Intel support:

It is a fact, that the Intel Matrix Storage Manager AHCI and RAID drivers do not support Trim.

So users with an Intel chipset mainboard and 1 or more Intel X25-M G2 SSD's, who had successfully flashed the Trim Firmware and now want to get benefit of the automatic Trim action while working, have to use the Win7 in-box generic MS IDE or MS AHCI drivers.

Since several weeks there are new and already WHQL certified Intel AHCI/RAID drivers v9.5.0.1037 available at Station-Drivers. They belong to the upcoming new generation of Intel storage devices support named "Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology" (RST).

Here are my questions:

1. Do these new RST drivers v9.5.0.1037 already pass the Trim command?

2. If not, will the upcoming official release of Intels RST drivers support Trim?

3. If not, when can we expect Intel AHCI and RAID drivers, which do fully pass the Trim command?

I did already ask similar questions within another thread, but I didn't yet get an answer. That is why I started a new thread.

Thanks in advance!



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@ Intel support:

I am also interested in the answers to Fernando's questions and would add:

4) The SSD Toolbox Optimizer does not work on SSD drives in RAID. When will RAID be support by the SSD Toolbox?


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Intel, many of us are delaying purchasing decisions due to lack of information on the above questions. Almost any response ("currently no plans to support...", "still deciding if we will support...", "expecting to deliver this feature in x months...") would be better than nothing. Also, if possible, please tell us if TRIM and/or Toolkit support is planned for some RAID types (e.g. RAID-1), but not for others. We'd really appreciate any info you can provide. Thanks.

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I also agree about Intel needing to provide info on TRIM & RAID, if they are only going to provide it for future products just say so.

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Will future firmware/tool box will support TRIM on RAIDs ?

Thank you!