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SSD Toolbox, Raid 0, TRIM

New Contributor II


I've read in a number of places (links posted below) that TRIM support has recently been made available for SSDs being run in a RAID 0 configuration while using the latest Intel Rapid Storage tech drivers.

Will the Intel SSD Toolbox software be updated to allow the Intel SSD optimizer function (which sends a TRIM command) to work with Raid 0 drives/configurations? Currently it refuses to attempt to work on RAID 0 drives/arrays. I'm using two Intel 520 240gb SSD drives in RAID 0 with a Z77 series chipset motherboard. we-test-it we-test-it


Esteemed Contributor III

IMO, given that this is a new feature, and also has limited support at this time (7 series chipsets, but not X79, IRST 11.0 or greater) I think it won't be, at least for quite a while.

Adding a feature for a subset of hardware and software creates many potential issues, and will likely cause more grief than good. Users will expect it to be universal, and become upset when it isn't. SSD manufactures are dealing with many different SATA chipsets, including those no longer supported by their manufactures (Nvidia) and have compatibility issues. AHCI mode has become the default SATA mode on many mother boards only since 2011, although it has existed for years before that. Different technologies don't evolve at the same rate, and new technology can be held back by that. Including as much as possible of older technology can be a compromise for new tech.

With TRIM in RAID 0 support for your chipset, the added value of adding it to the Optimizer function is not great. I could be wrong about Intel's plans, but IMO this is not a big disappointment at this time.