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How Long Should Optimizer Run in Toolbox?

I'm splitting this off and following up from the Toolbox 1.2 thread. As I noted there, for the first run through of the Optimizer in the new Toolbox, it took 2 hours and 50 minutes for my 160GB SSD. Immediately afterward, I rebooted and ran the Opt...

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Before and after Optimization

Hi Mr Wolf,As promised, these are the results:BEFOREAFTERA few observations:1. I have used this drive since Sept 24 (about 3 months) and it's 39gb free/out of 80 gb, but it took only 2 seconds to optimize. Is this normal?2. After optimization, all fi...

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Trim and ICH8R

Question: Will Trim work well on my ICH8R chipset? Has it been tested?My system: ICH8R chipset, Asus Commando, Vista 32b. Intended purchase: Intel X25M 160GB G2 (Postville, 34nm)Intended firmware + software: 02HD, SSD Toolbox 1.2Context information: ...

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Unable to install Toolbox V1.2

Hi all,I have just successfully updated my SSD to 02HD, thanks to the valuable advice by Mr Wolf.However, when I tried to install the toolbox, which I think is the step to follow the update, I received the following error messages:Can anyone help? TI...

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Latest FW update any good for XP, Sata 1 system

Hi,I was wondering if the lastest FW update and the tool box software are of any use to my sata 1 system that runs on XP. Will I be able to run TRIM, even manually or anything that will improve the performance of the SSD?Thank you for your advice in ...

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