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Trojan Malware Detected in Solidigm Storage Tool (Intel® branded NAND SSDs) Driver Update

New Contributor II

The Intel Driver & Support Assistant to keep a NUC 8i7BEH/NUC8BEB updated is showing that the Solidigm Storage Tool has an available update (Version 1). When downloading and installing the SST update the system security app Malwarebytes detected that it contained PDM:Trojan.Win32.Bozan.a malware flagged with a high risk status.

Are other NUC owners experiencing this as well?

Is this a false positive, an actual corruption, or an in-built function with a questionable process?


Valued Contributor

Hello, jCav, Superusers, and community members.

We appreciate your patience.

We have been working on reproducing the issue you are reporting on this thread and other threads on the community like, and we have great news:

We had reproduced a similar issue with Kaspersky* Solidigm Storage Tool (Intel® branded NAND SSDs) viruses which is a false positive. 

Not only this thread on the Kaspersky* community confirms our suspicion that this was a false positive, but Solidigm® submitted a 'false positive report' for the Solidigm® Storage Tool with Kaspersky*, to which Kaspersky* confirmed that it is a false positive and they are working on the fix. For more information about this issue, visit the Solidigm Storage Tool (Intel® branded NAND SSDs) viruses thread on the Kaspersky* forums.

Based on this information, if you have any other questions related to Kaspersky*, we advise you to contact them directly.

We appreciate the time and effort you all took to bring this issue to our attention.

We will close this thread since the issue is related to a third-party tool and the solution is available on the link to the Kaspersky* forums previously provided.

Best regards.

Jos B.

Intel® Customer Support Technician.

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Downloaded Solidigm Storage Tool (Intel® branded NAND SSDs) and installed manually. No, problem observed. Working as expected.

Checked on NUC8i7HVK, SSD 760P, Windows 11 Pro (without third party Antivirus).


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I did try that too after I got the first alert. Got the download, unzipped it, and when I tried installing it the anti-malware responded with the same trojan alert and blocked the app from further running. Maybe a possible false positive but I'm not quite sure I want to install it with security off just so it goes through.
Would reports of this kind of issue be addressed by Intel team anytime soon?


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I am not detecting any malware using either McAfee VirusScan or MS Defender. It may be that Malwarebytes is slightly ahead in their detection algorithm deployment, but I doubt it. Still, Intel Customer Support should investigate further (@Ronny_G_Intel?). 


Got the trojan alert from another computer running the Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware for Home and MS Defender. The former reported the malware while the later didn't. I agree that further investigation should be made.