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Intel 535 240GB SSD HDD password

New Contributor


I have a big problem with my Intel 535 240GB SSD 2,5 drive.

I set in my laptop DELL Latitude E6430 HDD password in BIOS ( 2 times typed the same password ) but after the restart, SSD wont accept that password 😞 I am sure, the password is OK

Now I am unable to use my SSD in my laptop, but anywhere else.

Is there any way, how to unlock my SSD drive?

Or secure erase it? SSD Toolbox wont secure erase SSD because of password security enabled on my SSD.

Thank you for any advice.



Esteemed Contributor III

Hello Panoramix0903,

We understand that you setup a password on your SSD, in the system BIOS, but now the system does not accept the password.Unfortunately, there is no way to unlock or remove the password. A secure erase won't work as the drive will be locked on the drive level (SATA encryption).Part of the feature is to protect your information, so basically, unless you can unlock it with the password, there is most likely no way to unlock the drive.Regards,Nestor C

New Contributor

Hi Nestor C

That means, I have bricked my SSD?

I set my password for a first time one month ago, and it works flawlessly,

but due the Windows 10 Creators Update, and the need for many restarts, I have disabled HDD password before the upgrade start.

And after the upgrade has been completed, I have set the same password back in the BIOS.

And that was the last thing, I can doo with my SSD 535 😞

I do not need data stored on my SSD, I have made an image three days ago.

I just need working SSD.

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello Panoramix0903,

It is really strange that the drive or the system does not take the password, especially because you are using the same one. To be honest, without the password is almost impossible to get access or to have it unlock again, as the drive's feature is basically doing what it is supposed to do (Protect your data).Maybe when you set up the password there was a typo or the caps lock key was enabled, it may be a lot of possibilities.Regards,Nestor C

sorry to resurrect something old, but I bricked a 5450s pro series.  I was updating my bios and some other drivers that had been put off, but after the bios updated, it rebooted and asked for an HDD password.  I never entered a password.  It seems like this has happened to more than just me.  Now I have an expensive brick and I've tried a LOT of things to fix it.  

Does anyone have any new ideas?  I have access to windows, macOS, and linux (not well-versed in linux though, but quite well in macOS).  I'm pissed that I have a pricey paperweight after three days of trying to fix it to no avail.