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How do I Make a 535 Series 250 GB SSD "Boot", "System"

New Contributor

Running Windows 7 Home Premium, Using a Apricorn USB 3.0 bay to connect my SSD 240 GB to my asus laptop as Drive "E". I seem to have cloned the drive successfully but can not make it a system or bootable drive.

The Intel cloning software is unable to see this drive, therefore I had to use the Apricorn EZ Gig IV 4.3.8 UEFI GFX software to do the cloning.

Any help I can get making this SSD drive bootable so it can replace the current HD (Western Digital wd10jpvx-22jc3t0, 910GB over 4 years old) will be greatly appreciated!


Valued Contributor II

Hello Dave,

I am not familiar with the application you used to clone your drive, however, the online documentation suggests that it has full clone capability. You might want to check with the tool developer to confirm the method used will in fact result in a bootable SSD.

If the drive was successfully cloned and the new drive contains a bootable partition, you should be able to replace the old drive with the new one. You might need to double check the BIOS configuration to confirm the SSD is detected and selected as primary boot device. If the drive is bootable, the PC should load the OS from the SSD.

Additionally, you might want to Contact Support and talk to an agent in your nearest support center. They will be able to provide additional recommendations.