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Full Diagnostic Scan always fails during Read Scan on my SSD 600p Series 256GB

New Contributor

I have an Intel SSD 600p Series 256GB. I installed the Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox software on my computer to help look for possible drive problems.

(I am unable to back up my C: drive to Synology DiskStation using their Active Backup for Business software. Synology support team says the error logs indicate it's due to hard drive errors.)

SMART Summary shows perfect Drive Health and estimated life remaining is above 90%. Firmware version is PSF121C. Quick Diagnostic Scan works perfectly. But the Full Diagnostic Scan fails every time on Read Scan at 0%. The error given is "Error: An error was detected reading data from the selected Intel SSD. Contact your reseller or local Intel representative for assistance."

The only issues I've had are that I cannot back up the hard drive to Synology and the Toolbox's Full Diagnostic Scan does not complete successfully.

How can I resolve these two issues?


Contributor II

S.M.A.R.T. can predict certain kinds of drive failures, but there are many other types that it won't catch. In your case, you've seen two different reports of problems with the drive yet you seem to want to discard them because S.M.A.R.T. isn't predicting anything. Worse, this toolbox app is assigning a life remaining number, which isn't worth the paper its written on, and this only confuses the matter.

In this particular case, you have read operations failing - which is an indication of damage or corruption in a portion of the drive. I would replace it immediately.


New Contributor

I've never had to request support with Intel warranty before. Hopefully it's a painless process.

Contributor III


Thank you for posting in the Intel® SSD community on your request for support for your Intel® SSD 600p Series (256GB, M.2 80mm PCIe 3.0 x4, 3D1, TLC).

We would like to thank our community members for their cooperation on your inquiry.

The SMART logs provided have been analyzed, and as indicated, it reports, your drive is in perfect health; we’ve noticed your concern on the Toolbox report, after a Full Diagnostic Scan, that reported a READ Scan error; this is usually fixed by performing a Low-Level format; please make sure your data is duly backed up prior to initiate the format procedure; to do this, find below, instructions on When to Run a Low-Level Format or Secure Erase on Intel® Solid State Drives and Tools to Use. Open Link here:

In addition to this, we are requiring with your cooperation to provide us with some information about your system, where the SSD is attached to. To do this, Intel® has available, the Intel® System Support Utility for Windows*; you’ll be able to download it on the following link:

·        Please download the software.

·        When finished downloading it, open it and follow instructions

·        Please attach the SSU Log text file obtained on your next your reply.

We will be looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Santiago A.

Intel® Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel

SSU Log is attached.