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Resolved! Does 730 use HET or SET MLC?

The 3700, 3710, and 3610 all use High Endurance Technology (HET) MLC, with the first using 25nm and the other two using 20nm. The 3510 uses Standard Endurance Technology (SET) MLC. The 730 uses 20nm Compute-Quality Components. So which type of MLC do...

ppara5 by Contributor
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Resolved! Latency questions regarding 730 and 3710/3610/3510

The 730 product brief states: "Applications will benefit from the 50µs read latency." The 3x10 product brief states: "Applications benefit from 55µs typical latency with max read latencies of 500µs 99.9% of the time." No mention is made of max latenc...

ppara5 by Contributor
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Intel 750 SSD not detected

This is my first post on this forum, I apologize in advance for any mistakes I make.I have recently build a new system. The system's hardware are as follows.-Asus Maximus VIII Extreme-Intel 6700K CPU-64GB Ram - G-Skill DDR4-2133-2 Titan Xand 2 Intel ...

AVyri by New Contributor
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Intel 535 SSD not seen by BIOS on a cold boot

Hi, I have a problem with a newly installed Intel 535 SSDOn a cold reboot the BIOS doesn't see the SSD disk until I unplug the SATA data cable & the power cable & plug them back in. Just unplugging the data cable & re-attaching it doesn't work, it ha...

SRhod1 by New Contributor
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