Solid State Drives (NAND)
Support for Issues Related to Solid State Drives based on NAND technology
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Resolved! Intel DC P3600 Series - Availability

Hope someone can answer this for me...What's up with little to no stock of all the models in PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 Interface format of SSD. Doing a search on with online vendors are coming up with No Stock on the P3500, P3600 and P3700 lines. I have an...

bbill9 by New Contributor
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Poor performance on Intel 520 SSD

I have an Intel 520 (120GB version) in a high end system and the performance is very poor. I'm getting similar performance to when I was running Windows from a HDD.I know you don't really recognize the WEI as a valid performance indicator but I previ...

DHard6 by New Contributor
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Intel ssd 750 400GB Endurance Rating

Greetingsi would like to ask about endurance rating Intel ssd 750 400GB HHHL (CEM2.0).Endurance Rating- 70 Gb Writes Per Day- Up to 127 TBW ( Terabytes Written) (q)Is that mean when I reach the notch of 127 TBW ssd will fail to continue operating?

НГез by New Contributor
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Problems with 4 x SSD 530 series

Hi, We have been using the SSD 530 for a while now in some production units. Now i have 4 drives that have failed during a short amount of time in 4 different systems around the world.The system compailns about bad superblocks on our RW partition (sd...

VLore by New Contributor
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Resolved! Dynamic caching software for the 540s?

Hello,Crucial and Samsung offer dynamic caching software (Momentum Cache / RAPID mode) using system memory to boost performance and endurance of their SSDs. Does Intel provide such input/ouput optimization software for the 540s series?Thanks for the ...

FWest1 by New Contributor
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