Solid State Drives (NAND)
Support for Issues Related to Solid State Drives based on NAND technology
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Resolved! Does Intel SSD 750 support NVMe 1.0 or 1,2.1? says it's 1.0. But Linux nvme says it's 1.2.1.y...

YLin34 by New Contributor
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Reusing old very old SSDs

Hi guys! Couldnt find the answers I'm looking for so I thought I'd reach out on the forum. This is a question for my job. Short version: I'm wondering if it's worth the risk of reusing old SSDs instead of buying new. Long version:The SSD model is the...

CVeil by New Contributor
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Hello I have a 535 ssd bought in Feb, 2016Now my PC may reboot suddenly and in BIOS I see my drive's name becomessandforce(200026BB)0.0GBI tried to shut down my pc's power for a while,and the ssd could be accessed again.Afer some time, pc crashed aga...

RZhan14 by New Contributor
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600p SSD update in Ryzen system

I recently added a 600p SSD to a new AMD build. The utilites refuse to update the drivers, and the provided linux distro failed to boot (likely due to the being Intel specific).Is there any way I can update the firmware that doesn't require access to...

PKras4 by New Contributor
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