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Resolved! DC3510 with RAID Controller

Hello,is it a good idea to use 2 peaces DC3510 as RAID 1 in hardware raid controller LSI 9260-8i?I think the controller does not support the trim command.Are there disadvantages in this assembly?--Dirk

DHaas2 by New Contributor
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Very slow write speed on SSD S3520

I have experienced horribly slow write performance on both my S3520 240GB drives on Windows 7, and would like some guidance.The details:I have 4 Intel SSDs : 2 x 530 Series (SSDSC2BW120A4 and SSDSC2BW240A4), and 2 x S3520 240GB (SSDSC2BB240G7). I ...

DRobi14 by New Contributor
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DC P3700:NVMe command reported a problem

Hello,When I use the command "isdct show -all -intelssd" to view my solid state drive, I get the following feedback:AggregationThreshold : 0AggregationTime : 0ArbitrationBurst : 0Bootloader : 8B1B0129CoalescingDisable : 0DevicePath : /dev/nvme0n1Devi...

dhou1 by New Contributor
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ssd e5400s slow write speed?

my seq read speed is above 540mbps all the time but my seq write speed starts at approximately 400mbps and goes down pretty fast, why? i get lik 180-150-200 write speed in benchmarks

APrep by New Contributor
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