Solid State Drives (NAND)
Support for Issues Related to Solid State Drives based on NAND technology
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How to get out of "disable logical mode"?

I have a P4600 SSD in my Ubuntu PC. It went dead just about 1 hour ago, as I can't perform any read/write. I notice the LEDs are in solid RED and solid AMBER. I can't find product spec for P4600. But for P3600, solid RED means it's in "disable logica...

YLin34 by New Contributor
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Intel SSD 540s Series - High NAND Writes

Greetings,I am new to the Intel forums, with that, hello all! Apologies if this has been addressed, to start with. I had recently taken ownership of support of a Synology RS3617RPxs NAS solution. The system is configured with two Intel SSD 540s Serie...

DBrad2 by New Contributor
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Intel ssd 600p can't install any OS

I have a Lenovo y700-15isk with a Sata SSD and a M.2 Intel 600p. I used the 600p as my primary disk in wich I had Windows 10, but for some work stuff i needed Windows 7 so I tried to install it from a bootable usb and it didn't install, but the probl...

CToca by New Contributor
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只要是重启 就不识别 掉盘 但是关机再开机 就认盘了 10次9次成功 失败的那次是我完全关闭了电源拔了电源插头 开机才不识别的

宝熊 by New Contributor
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5400s SSD unaccessible

I have a Intel SSD Pro 5400s Series 512GB drive.the Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox sees the drive, but does not see any partitions.The SMART Details are all green except for 1.SMART ID B8 is redRaw = 16777215Normalized = 0Threshold = 90Under action ...

bberg4 by New Contributor
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