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will intel toolbox help ssd degradation since my p35 chipset does not support trim?

Esteemed Contributor III

I want to by a intel 320 ssd but i am afraid of performance degradation over time since my asus p5k motherboark does not support rst drives so then it does not support trim. Will the intel toolbox be enough to ensure a nice performance over time?


Esteemed Contributor III

That motherboard uses the ICH9 for the native SATA controller. It should the Intel Rapid Storage drivers should work and TRIM should be supported.

the irst drivers do not support ahci mode on non-raid ich9 and 10 chipsets. the drivers won't install. the .inf file can be hacked with the ich9/10 hardware id's to get the drivers to work, however this will wreck driver signing, so would be problematic with 64-bit versions of windows.

sticking with the standard microsoft drivers is the easiest solution.

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here is what sus told me: The TRIM feature is not supported on this motherboard, since for it to be supported, we need the same chipset has the capability RST (Rapid Storage Technology) in the case and motherboard with the old feature, MST (Matrix Storage Technology) is not can use the TRIM feature. P5K motherboard has no such resources, since the chipset is the P35 (3 family of chipsets from Intel) and ICH9 Southbridge.

the rst drivers are not necessary for trim support. the standard microsoft ahci and ide drivers support trim.

one of my pc's is a p35 with ich9 and trim works fine.

you can still use the intel toolbox if you want.