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SSD not selectable in toolkit

I've installed the toolkit but my SSd X-25 160GB, which appears in the list, is not able to be selected. I can click on it but the refresh button automatically runs and deselects the drive. This means I can't pick any of the options below it.Any thou...

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Problem with X25 E-Extreme SLC SSD drive and D510MO motherboards

We have discovered a fundamental incompatibility with the X25 E-Extreme SLC SSD drive and D510MO motherboard installed in the same units. Intel support was less than helpful in getting it resolved.The computers were fine at first, but when the custom...

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Using Toolbox on X-18 G1 Drive

Hello, I have an X-18 SSD model SSDSA1MH1601HP 1.8". Can I use the SSD toolbox on this drive? Do I need to flash the firmware to G2 and can this be done on this drive? Will the toolbox optimizer (manual trim) work on a G1?Thank youMitch

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Intel 160Gb SSD has a lot of misaligned files and is fragmented

I have an Intel 160Gb X-25M SSD that I've been using for about 1 year and it's been great. Last night when I ran my System Mechanic program, it said that my system drive (Intel SSD is my only drive) has 45,000 misaligned files (19Gb) and 3340 fragmen...

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Resolved! SSD Toolbox coming to Mac?

Are there any plans for the SSD toolbox to come to Macs? Or at least a way to update the firmware without using Windows (Yuck!)? I mean c'mon, Macs are the future! Get with it Intel!

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