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SSD Migration Tools

Esteemed Contributor III

I have a Lenovo T410i with a 320 GB normal HDD to be migrated to SSD 330 Series 120 GB (only aprox 80 GB was used on the 320 GB HDD disk). I use the SSDinstallation tool and the process was simple. However when I switched the old 320 HDD to the new 120 GB SSD i got the message that HW was changed (which it is correct) in the T410i and I was asked to put in the Windows 7 DVD. The W7 installation is preinstalled so I don't have any W7 DVD. Any clue/hint? Is this normal?onT410



If your data was all migrated OK , Try running a sys. restore. see what you get than??

Esteemed Contributor III

Thx Robert, system restore from the new migrated disk? But it don't start with the new disk?

If you put the old drive back in will the computer run ?? If so look in your documents and see if there is a sys.image file or a sys repair file , They do this on most store bought computers .