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SSD Locking Up System?

Esteemed Contributor III

So I recently build a system with an 2500K, Asus Sabertooth P67, Intel 320 120GB, 16GB Kingston HyperX, MSI 6950 Froxr II, and a Coolermaters 1200 Gold.

I have updated BIOS to all devices and installed Windows 7 64 Ultimate.

I get random lockups. I have tested memory using the bootable mem tester and windows mem test and other benchmarkers. No problems.

Same goes for Proc, HDD, and Video Card. All test fine using various benchmark and stress tools.

I fire up the Intel SSD Toolbox and run the short test on my Intel 320 and it works OK.

When I run the long test, the system locks up and the screen freezes.

The toolbox shows the latest BIOS is installed.

Are there any other tools I can use to test the SSD?





The only tool available for testing purposes is the Intel ssd toolbox; I will suggest you to test the ssd in a different system and test the ssd using the full diagnostic again, if the issue persists please contact the Intel technical support at the following phone number: 916 377 7000 option 6.