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Intel SSD 330 60GB vs X25-M 80GB 1st gen

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi all

I've just installed a 330 new ssd in my system after long time using a 1st gen ssd with WinXP on it! I got dual boot now with Win7 installed on the new ssd but no matter what (either different ms drivers or which windows from the two I boot into) X25-M is always a little bit quicker than the 330 in AS SSD or CrystalMark!

Both drives are 30% full! My system has a P5Q3 DEluxe sata2 motherboard with an E8400 core2duo!

Does anyone have any idea?? Can I try something or it's ok?? Of course pc is working great, no problems at all!!



Esteemed Contributor III

In fact the main difference is at the "write" aspect, in which 330 is quicker than x25-m...and this is only visible in Crystal Mark...not in AS_SSD...