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Can't install Win 8 enterprise eval on HP TX2000 with Intel 80GB SSD. but can install on HDD

Esteemed Contributor III

On previous previews of Windows 8, I was able to install on an HP TX2000 with an Intel X25-M 80GB SSD. On the enterprise evaluation version, I cannot finish a clean installation without hardlocking with a black screen. rebooting and repairing the installation doesn't fix things. I can't boot to safe mode either. If I replace the SSD with a traditional HDD, I can finish installation of Windows 8.

The BIOS has no options with regards to SATA or SSDs. However, I have installed Windows 7 to this notebook with the SSD as well as previous versions of the Windows 8 previews. Just not this newer enterprise evaluation version.

I initially tried a clean installation to the current partition. I then tried a clean installation with Windows 8 wiping out the partitions and creating its own partitions. I then reinstalled Windows 7 from an image and then tried to install Windows 8 on top of it. It wouldn't let me install Windows 8 via the upgrade path. But I continued installation with the other option and it also failed to complete, leaving me at a black screen. Repairing the installation failed.



I'm sorry for the trouble you are experiencing.

Not all issues posted to this community receive the prompt peer support that you might need. In lieu of waiting for assistance, I would like to suggest you contact Intel Customer Support for additional troubleshooting.

Thank you.