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Intel x25-m and Linux support

Esteemed Contributor III

So I just bought a intel x25-m gen2 80GB SSD drive (Should arrive in a couple of days from and I am trying to figure out which Operating System to load on it.

So far all I know is Windows 7 has great native optimization for SSD unlike vista/XP. But I would love to get Linux on the

Only problem is I have no clue how well linux (or linux in general) optimizes this SSD drive.

Also is there any kind of official support from intel for linux in the area of SSD?


If anyone has tips, guides, any kind of useful information (besides voting for your favorite OS) I would be glad to know.

PS: This SSD installation will be on my ASUS 1005ha netbook.


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Wow this sucks posted this question for few days now and have not even received a single reply...

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Hi Crash,

Windows 7 is the only operating system as of right now that has native support. I've used my SSD in Linux, Apple, and Win 7. I used my SSD for booting up with ubuntu and it was lightening fast, less than 2 secs. There are a lot of tips for Linux that I did. That being said, i read somewhere that the Intel techs are working with the Linux Kernel guys ref native SSD support. Got this from the OCZ forum. There might be some utilties that you can run in Linux that can perform TRIM on the Intel SSD, but Intel definitely will not not recommend this. Check OCZ forums about Linux stuff.

Also, you are installing in a netbook, check your specs and see what the SATA controller supports 1.5 vs 3.0. Unless you have time and patience, i would recommend win7 right now. All the drivers are there to work right out of the box, plus the SSD Toolbox works.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply. A few more questions if you don't mind. How exactly do i find out if i have SATA controller 1.5 or 3.0? The original HDD that came with the netbook was SATA 1.5 but the netbook does seem to work with the SSD which is SATA 3.0...

Also another thing I noticed is after getting the SSD and installing windows 7 on it the netbook was working good. But in about 2 days the netbook became a little bit slower at boot. I had heard that windows 7 supports TRIM natively so I didn't know what was going on. Regardless I downloaded the intel SSD toolbox and ran the TRIM from there and man the netbook got faster. I saw about 10-20 seconds improvement in boot time.

So is it safe to say that my windows 7 home premium doesn't support Native TRIM ?? Or do I need to run some trim command from command prompt on windows 7 ?