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Not able to update

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi everyone,

I just bought a new Intel SSD X-25M with 160GB space for my data. Now, everything works just fine, but I have two problems:

- If I start the latest SSD Toolkit, everything is greyed out (maybe the wrong firmware?)

- I burned the CD and started the update, but I am not able to flash the SSD (not detected). My system is a DELL XPS system with the nVidia chipset - a RAID is present (but not one consisting of two SSDs).

EDIT: The SSD is connected to the first SATA port, RAID is deactivated for this port...

Can anyone help me out?

Best wishes and a Happy New Year,



Esteemed Contributor III

Make sure set the Sata port to "IDE" mode if you really want to upgrade the firmware. After the upgrade set the Sata mode to "AHCI", if you doesn`t use RAID. (The toolkit doesn`t support RAID.)