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330SSD bricked, it seems - help?

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi All,

About two days after the 330 was available I grabbed a 120G. Put it in a USB drive case and cloned (Macrium Reflect Free) my netbook (win7 Starter) to the USB. Swapped drives and bingo. Boot speed was counted in seconds instead of minutes, a very happy camper.

Mid last week, I started getting freeze ups so I cloned the SSD to a normal HDD in a USB case to see if it was the SSD or the OS. Swapped out and all worked fine with HDD for four days so I decided it may be an issue with the SSD.

I figured I would clone the HDD back to the SSD. Reflect shows the SSD at the first page as a viable drive with partition and NTFS, but when I get to the "Select a drive to clone to," the list is empty. Please read on as it is not a Reflect problem.

I started the SSD toolbox and it only showed the HDD and no SSD available.

I dl the firmware and burned the CD image. Swapped the SSD into the netbook, booted to a USB CD. Got a FreeDOS message, "no SSD candidates to update..." or something pretty close to that.

So, I swapped the HDD back booted to win7, and by accident or serendipity, I could see the SSD in Windows Explorer? HUH??? I copied a Text file to it and all went well. I was able to edit the file and save it back to the SSD. I copied and edited another test file. Same -- same, happy as a data drive.

OK, finally the question: How can I get the SSD back to being recognized by the Toolbox, the Firmware update and I assume Reflect.