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New SSD (Intel 520-120GB) - Low WEI score

Esteemed Contributor III

I am getting low Windows Experience Index scores (5.9) with my new SSD and am trying understand what is going on.

I have the following setup.

Intel 120GB 520 Series SSD

Intel I7-2700K

Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3

Windows 7 (all updates installed)

Latest SSD Firm ware installed

The drive is connected to the Intel Z68 Serial ATA 6.0Gb/s connector in AHCI mode

I have tried the Intel SSD Toolbox optimizer

Here is the output from "winsat disk" command, why do I get the 1.9's?

> Running: Storage Assessment '-hybrid -ran -read -n 0 -ransize 16384'

NV Cache not present.> Run Time 00:00:00.00> Disk Sequential 64.0 Read 530.07 MB/s 7.9> Disk Random 16.0 Read 325.48 MB/s 7.9> Responsiveness: Average IO Rate 1.68 ms/IO 7.3> Responsiveness: Grouped IOs 17.09 units 3.9 > Responsiveness: Long IOs 59.63 units 1.9> Responsiveness: Overall 1019.11 units 1.9 > Responsiveness: PenaltyFactor 1.0> Disk Sequential 64.0 Write 504.50 MB/s 7.9> Average Read Time with Sequential Writes 0.213 ms 7.9> Latency: 95th Percentile 0.600 ms 7.9> Latency: Maximum 2.236 ms 7.9> Average Read Time with Random Writes 0.207 ms 7.9> Total Run Time 00:01:11.25

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


New Contributor

My new Intel 520 240GB also only reports 5.9 for Windows Experience despite it having the latest firmware, running the latest Intel SSD Toolbox recommendations and having AHCI enabled.

What else should i be doing???

Esteemed Contributor III

Are you running with discrete or integrated graphics?

If you have access to both, capture your WEI score each way and post your results.

Esteemed Contributor III

Why are you using the "-hybrid" option? Is your 520 part of a SRT system, which would be impossible in AHCI mode, so I'm confused. I can't find anything about "-hybrid" at MS's site, but winsat recognizes that option. Winsat won't accept it on my PC.