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Intel Code Name Cherryville.....NC?

New Contributor

Just wondering if anyone knows how Intel came up with the code name Cherryville for the 520 SSD Project? The reason I ask is, I know most Intel projects are named either after a North American City or Landmark, and I am from Cherryville, North Carolina, which is a small city just west of Charlotte, and is is so small (Only has a Pop of ~5600 people and is only a total of 4.7SqMi./12.3 Sq Km) that it isn't even on most maps unless you get it locally (it's on Google Maps of course, everything is on Google Maps). Now I know that this is not the only Cherryville in the U.S., much less the world, but out of them all it is the largest, most of them are only unincorporated territories. With that being said, it just strikes me that Intel would code name the 520 Cherryville, when it is one of the highest grade SSDs for Personal and Corporate Consumer usage. Kind of cool and ironic to me, using a small town name on a such a huge product. I already checked the List of Intel code names Wikipedia page and it says that the reference is unknown. Anyone got any ideas?


New Contributor

I would guess it's the small town in British Columbia, Canada.