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TRIM on Raid 0

New Contributor

Hi guys

I'm using 3 SSD 520 60gb drives on raid 0 on an intel 6 series adapter (asus rampage 3 formula). From what I've been able to gather online, TRIM pass thru on raid 0 is only supported on the 7 series chipsets. My question, is there an after-market raid controller that I can purchase that will adequately support trim on raid 0? Thanks!


Esteemed Contributor III

No there isn't, sorry to say.

If one did exist, it would be well known and would have been popular with PC enthusiasts. That is, if it wasn't expensive.

There's a chance we might see TRIM in RAID 0 in the 6 series chipsets, which would also require mother board manufactures to supply an appropriate IRST Option ROM for these boards, via a UEFI/BIOS update.