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Solidigm update seems to have broken my SSD

New Contributor


I'm using an intel 660p 1TB M2 SSD. I had it in an old computer, and it never had any issues. Yesterday, I moved it to my new desktop. It was having issues with intermittently dropping, but it was otherwise working. Basically, it would pass all tests and scans and the like, but it would occasionally drop from the system and be invisible to the system until a restart.

I looked into this online, and one piece of advice folks had was to update the firmware on the SSD. I also saw I had to use this to do so. So I download Solidigm and, sure enough, it says there's a firmware update. So I update the firmware, and it says it was a success. I restart and.. ever since the drive has been completely unusable.

It's still there in Disk Management and in Windows Explorer, but I can't open it, format it, delete it, or otherwise do anything with it. I tried using command line, but the disk isn't seen there for some reason. Any idea how to resolve? Or what to do if it's just broken now? Am I just out of luck?



Hello killias2,


Thank you for contacting Solidigm™ Support.

We would like to clarify if you bought your drive separately or did it come together with your PC? 

Please confirm, where you are able to download the application. Solidigm™ Storage Tool , and run a diagnostic, if your drive was visible there.   There is an option to run a Diagnostic Scan. A full scan should be done to make sure the product is in a healthy state. See the SST User Guide for more details.

Additionally, please, try the next steps:

1. Try another drive in your system (in the same port)

2. Confirm that your drive is connected directly to the motherboard (without any cables and adapters).

3. Try the drive on another system. 

We are waiting for your response. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions. 


Kind regards,
Solidigm Customer Support