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New Intel 670p 2048GB 002CFW Fails Detection AFTER reboot/sleep/shutdown

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It's nice to be here, and I'm hoping someone has a good idea to help sort out an issue with a new 670p. I purchased a 2048GB 670P a week ago, and was able to install the drive in my mainstream Asus Z490 Plus WiFi motherboard. The drive was functioning well in a storage drive capacity (no pun intended), but I installed the Solidigm utility and this required a reboot. Of course, the UEFI could not detect the 670P (nor subsequent OS boots to figure out the issue), and so I powered off the PSU, removed the Intel from Slot 1, moved it to Slot 2, and eventually I did get the Intel back into working shape. Same thing happens when the system moves from active idle to sleep mode 36 hours later -- I now just leave the system on if possible, and the Intel SSD does work correctly if no power cycles or sleep/standby/etc occur. Lastly, I decide to try some changes to the UEFI settings and additionally insert the Intel into a M.2 to x4 PCIe adapter to see if it works and what happens subsequently. It does work, though it again drops off the map as soon as the system is off/sleeping/etc, yet not a millisecond before. If the system is on, it will reliably stay that way assuming no accidents and a change in power plan.



I wished to be thorough in describing the issue with my 670p 2048 on 002Cfw. Needless to say, it is outrageously annoying to recover the 670p from a system power cycle. It took more than a few hours to discover a method by which I could force the drive back on. I believe the  670p is having difficulties powering down/standby/LSPM/ASPM analogs, whatever. There is little verifiable I can relate except that it uses quite a bit of power with the system completely OFF in M2_1 slot, enough that it's hotter than during normal operation. 

So, to make this long story shorter, I'm looking for helpful information on what methods might be fruitful, and what might be causing this... issue. No drive so excellent has ever suffered from a less appealing defect. I would love to discover the issue, rectify it, and be on my way. Considering how few UEFI settings I might wish to believe may play a role, I think it should be relatively  clear. And if there haven't been floods of similar issues on the 670p, I can't think of much else. 

Any takers? A little support would go a long way. Thanks for the assist in advance,



For the record, the Asus Z490 Plus Wifi (2602) is paired with the Intel i9-10850K CPU and 32GB of 3333 XMP DIMMS. Also, there is an 80 Plus Platinum Seasonic-hybrid PSU powing an eVGA nVidia 2080 Super. The Windows 11 Pro installation boots from a  Crucial P5 1TB x4 2280, backed with a few non-necessary SATA Intel and Micron SSDs (removed for troubleshooting).



Hi Chris,

Thank you for posting your question related to the Intel® SSD 670p 2048GB.

We noticed that a support case has been created for this same inquiry, hence, we have contacted you via email to continue with the support.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Solidigm Customer Support.


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Well, further inquiries into previous support forum postings by other 670p users seemed unrelated and unlikely to help anyone else - even if I receive assistance.  If it's a controller issue with suspend or resume or sleep, nothing good can result from discussing out in the open. So, I put in a support request. Be easy.