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Intel® SSD D3 S4610 Hard disk error in BIOS

New Contributor

Good day.
I purchased a D3 S4610 SSD. But when you start the computer, the BIOS takes a long time to check and, as a result, gives the error "Hard disk error".
If you continue to boot the system, then it is normally seen and formatted, the data is written.
Found this link
I updated the firmware to XCV10132, executed "intelmas delete -intelssd 0" in the console, but the error in the BIOS did not disappear.
Please help with solving this problem.


Valued Contributor

Hello Fenih,

Thank you for contacting Intel® Memory and Storage support.

As we understand, you need assistance with an error related to your Intel® SSD D3-S4610 Series. If we infer correctly, we will appreciate it if you can provide us with the following information:

- We would like to know how many Intel® SSD D3-S4610 Series units you have in total, and how many of those are presenting this behavior.

- Please extract the following logs by using the Intel® Memory and Storage Tool:

-1. SMART attributes: intelmas show -smart -intelssd “SSD_index”.

-2. The SSD information using show -all command from Intel MAS CLI: intelmas show -all -intelssd “SSD_index”

Replace the “SSD_index” with the actual index number of your SSD.

-We need you to provide us with the system details by extracting the SSU logs and the replication steps to try to determine the root cause. 

The SSU logs.

1- Go to (for Windows*) and to (for Linux) download the software.

2- When you finish downloading it, open it.

3- Attach the file generated by the tool in your reply.

We are looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Josh B.

Intel® Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel®

@JosafathB_Intel, thanks for your reply.
I have one Intel drive, the rest are of other brands. With others, this problem is not observed.
In the attachment the Logs you asked for.
I also noticed a strange thing: the sticker on the disk says Intel SSD D3-S4610 Series, and the command "intelmas show -intelssd 0" shows - Intel SSD DC S4610 Series

Hello Fenih,

Thank you for your reply.

Based on the Logs you provided us, we do not see any issue with the SSD.

We noticed that your BIOS settings are in Legacy, and this may affect the performance and produce errors at the moment of setting up this SSD. We advise you to contact your motherboard OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to get further information regarding the recommended BIOS and recommended hardware configuration.

We would appreciate it if you can test your SSD on another PC to discard any hardware issue.

Best regards,

Josh B.
Intel® Customer Support Technician

Thanks for the answer.
I wrote to the motherboard manufacturer, but it is already relatively old (2016), and, probably, BIOS updates will not be released.
I tested the disk on an older computer (2007), no error occurs on it and the BIOS runs quickly.