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ESXi CLI - Unable flash firmware to SSD Intel S4500 series (S4510) - DELL R630 H730P (LSI SAS 3108)

New Contributor

Hi Team.

On a DELL PowerEdge R630 server, with VMWare ESXi 7 (ESXi-7.0U3j-21053776-standard), with a PERC H730P Mini controller (LSI SAS 3108, driver lsi_mr3, v7.718.02.00-1vmw.703.0.20.19193900), I am unable to use of your CLI utility sst v1.5 and/or v1.6 to upload new firmware to SSD drives.

There are two SSD drives in the server - Intel S4510 (SSDSC2KB960G8) in RAID1.

The utility does not see SSD drives.
After command ESXi bash:
./sst show -ssd
No results

I tried the command:
./sst set -system EnableLSIAdapter=true
Syntax Error: Invalid command. Error at or around '='.

Even if I changed/edited the sst_config.xml file and changed "EnableLSIAdapter" from "false" to "true" in it, the same result - the sst utility does not see SSDs.

perccli displays information about SSD drives:
PDs for VD 0 :
EID:Slt DID State DG Size Intf Med SED PI SeSz Model Sp Type -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
32:0 0 Onln 2 893.750 GB SATA SSD N N 512B INTEL SSDSC2KB960G8 U
32:1 1 Onln 2 893.750 GB SATA SSD N N 512B INTEL SSDSC2KB960G8 U -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Please help how to upload new firmware to SSD in ESXi 7 on PERC H730P Mini controller using CLI and sst. Thank you

#S4500 #S4510 #SSDSC2KB960G #R630 #H730



Hello MareV,


We are just investigating your case.

We'll contact you via email regarding your issue updates. Stay tuned.


Solidigm Customer Support 



Hi Dzmitry,

Same issue here - INTEL SSD Drives are Online in LSI MegaRAID under ESXI 7.0U3 - ./sst -ssd provides no output for drives connected via RAID Adapter. PCI-E NVMI SSD is visible just OK.

Thanks! Жыве Беларусь!

Dear void143,

Thank you for reaching out to Solidigm. 

We would need more information regarding your drive to further investigate your inquiry.

Could you kindly contact us via the link to create a case

Kind regards. 
Solidigm Customer Support