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Intel P3700 blinking orange led

New Contributor

Hi All,

I've recently bought Intel's P3700 800GB SSD to our Lenovo x3650 M5 (E5-2630 v3 dual CPU) server, running Ubuntu.

Performance is not as high as it suppose to be - hdparm -tT --direct shows around 1.6GB/sec. The same drive on a friends PC shows the 2.8GB/sec it suppose to be.

While trying to debug it I've noticed that the first orange led is blinking steadily - half a second on, half a second off, etc... It is starting when Ubuntu is booting even when the drive is not mounted so there is no traffic.

I tried to shutdown the server and unplug the power sources - but no luck there.

After installing the disk i ran dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/nvme0n1 bs=1M oflag=direct, like it suggested in the NVMe Driver Reference Guide - maybe I put the SSD is some kind of bad state?

Any other ideas? Maybe firmware? how do I find out which firmware I have? Unfortunately Intel does not support Ubuntu for the SSD Data Center Tool.

I'm do not know if the blinking causes the performance issue, but it is odd.




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Thanks for replying back. We would like you to check with Lenovo* as you said the drive was running fine in other servers and at the same time it will be important to have some inputs from them about the situation you have.Please let us know if you receive any update.NC

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I took a friend's SSD from another server and connected it to my server.

My friend's SSD orange led doesn't blink, so it seem like a SSD issue and not a server issue.

Performance on my friend's SSD is higher - 1.6GB/sec on my sync fio benchmark, while my SSD show almost 1.2GB/sec.

This is still not peak performance, but SSDs performance should be the same, mine is even newer so wear level and stuff are low.

The only difference I can think of between SSDs are the firmware: mine is 8DV10171 while his is 8DV10131.

I will really want to solve the orange blinking led issue, it shouldn't happen.

Please advise,


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Thanks for the testing on your end.We would like to review a little bit more on this since you have tested another SSD which light does not blink.We will get back to you as soon as we confirm this behaviour, we will try both firmwares if possible as well.NC

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I have same issue P3600 here, amber LED is blinking all the time (its first LED from top - amber, others are red and yellow silent, green is ON also), no problems with data so far. My drive usage is very low. OS is VMWARE ESXi with latest driver. Server is HP Microserver Gen 8.

When in POST or in BIOS Setup LED is OFF

When Vmware driver loaded amber is blinking when Intel driver loaded -constant solid amber

Update: Intel P3600 constant blinking amber led · Issue # 10 · vmware/nvme · GitHub

can it be forwarded to Intel ESXI driver development team?

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Please check your private message. Let us know.