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Intel M.2 SSD 530 series 240 GO trouble...disappointed...bad product?

New Contributor II

Good morning.

i'm from Tunisia and i need some help, please. (Don't find support here) for a Intel product (Intel SSD 530 Serie 240Go)

When i cold-start my computer or I restart it from within a freshly installed windows-7 (I try also Win 10), the drive is not found, (the ssd not detected by the Bios)

If i turn off the computer and start it again, the drive is found and boots up again as usual. So the drive fails after reset.

Sometime, and without cause the pc freeze (5-10 second).

Sometime a full random freeze...dont make any sens...

I have upgraded the firmware of the SSD to the latest version via the SSD toolbox but still no luck.

I instal win7 and win 10 without any external programmes....but...


Os: Win7 64bit sp1 (More problemes with win 10, "catastrophic result")

Intel SSD 530 Serie 240Go (M) (Latest pilot with Intel drive update utility/ and Intel solid state drive toolbox)

Mother board: ASUS z170 GAMING/ Aura.

Chipset: Intel 100 Serie/C230 Chipset family sata AHCI controller.

Processor: Intel CORE I7-6700 CPU.

GPU: Asus strix GTX 1070.

Bios latest version update from the official site Asus (Asus support said that the are no probléme of compatibilitie between this new génération of mother board and the intel SSD).

Any ideas on what to do? thank you...(Sorry for my spelling mistakes)


Esteemed Contributor III

Hello Amiralsed,

We understand you have been experiencing a lot of random freezes and system crashes while using your Intel® SSD 530 Series. While as described there is a strong possibility that your drive may be failing, we do have some troubleshooting for you to perform before we can arrive at that conclusion. 1. Using the Intel® SSD Toolbox, please run a Full Diagnostic Scan, and if possible, attach a screenshot of the results.2. At the bottom right of the Intel® SSD Toolbox, you will see an option to export your drive's SMART details. Please save this file and attach it as well.3. In many cases like yours, issues may be resolved by simply performing a secure erase (also known as "low-level format"). You will not be able to do this using the toolbox if your drive is currently being used. But there are several other ways: 3a- Intel Data Migration Software - Acronis* DriveCleanser (Method # 3). 3b- Run a Low-Level Format on Intel® Solid State Drives (using third party tools).

Note: Any links provided for third party tools or sites are offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel®. We do not offer support for any third party tool mentioned here.

If this does not help, please let us know.

Best regards,

Carlos A.

EDIT: To attach files and screenshots to your reply, simply use the "advanced editor".

New Contributor II

thank you for your reply!

What I have already done:

1. Full Diagnostic Scan with Intel SSD Toolbox (photo) (ALL THE systéme has freeze during the diagnostic for Twice, but i haven't to restard)

2. Secure erase with bios (Asus mother board last official version Bios) AND with Intel Toolbox.

3. Format the SSD with HDAT2

4. The last driver for the Intel M2 SSD 530 series (tray with Intel update utility and manually "Reboot with a CD")

5. Reinstallation Win 7 and Win10 64 bit.

6. Until Now no other Software installed in my pc (all Driver official and updated: chipset, audio, GPU...)

7. Disable "Fast boot" in the Bios.

8. OCCT 4.4.2 (stress test) test for All components for hours (CPU, Chipset, GPU, Power supply...) but NOT with the SSD (Another HDD).

8. But still no luck....

NB: The SSD look more stable winth "Windows mode without failure"

I Have attached here:

1. Screenshots of the results Intel Toolbox

2. Drive's SMART details

3. FULL System specification

thank you very much!

1. Screenshots of the results Intel

2. Drive's SMART details

05Re-allocated Sector Count23100009Power-On Hours Count 2810000CPower Cycle Count 1041000AAAvailable Reserved Space010010ABProgram Fail Count01000ACErase Fail Count01000AEUnexpected Power Loss Count421000B7SATA Downshift Count 121000B8End-to-End Error Detection Count010090BBUncorrectable Error Count16800BETemperature 68722950171270Current TemperatureHighest TemperatureLowest TemperatureC0Unsafe Shutdown Count 421000C7CRC Error Count 01000E1Host Writes 1000E2Timed Workload - Media Wear655351000E3Timed Workload - Host Read/Write Ratio601000E4Timed Workload Timer 655351000E8Available Reserved Space 010010E9Media Wearout Indicator 01000F1Total LBAs Written 1000</...

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello Amiralsed,

Please check your private inbox.

Best regards,

Carlos A.

New Contributor II

Thank you!

I'll keep you informed (both case).

Best regards,