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530 Series SSD setup nightmare

New Contributor

I have a new 530 series 480GB ssd. I am trying to do the initial setup/data migration on my HP ENVY 17t-2100 CTO Notebook, with latest bios, running Windows 7 64 bit. All drivers are up to date. I connect to the 2 usb ports with a Kootek SATA to USB cable.

I am following the quick start guide. When I run the data migration tool I get the message - To install the product at least one Intel SSD device should be in your system. Please see the user guie for more details.

I have been fighting this for at least 10 hours in total and I am at a dead end. Can anyone help me?




Valued Contributor II

Hi Paul, please verify in Windows* how is the Intel® SSD detected in Device Manager. It should be listed as INTEL SSD… under Disk drives. If the drive is identified as USB to ATA/ATAPI/IDE or similar, then the drive is being masked by the USB cable you are using. I recommend getting a cable that does not mask the drive, such as the Bizlink G13532-001.

You may also try using different software if you have trouble getting a different cable.

NOTE: These links are being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.

Same issue here. I have no problem using other software to migrate as EaseUS has worked for me in the past. However, before going that route I'm hoping to determine whether the drive will be recognized as "Intel drive" after it's installed in the PC since I understand the Intel SSD toolbox utilities will only work on Intel SSD. After I bought into the marketing pitch that Intel has this great software that knows how to optimize Intel drives, I worry that application won't work either.

Thanks in advance for any info as to whether this is only an issue with the USB connection and whether toolbox software will recognize this as an Intel drive once the drive is installed in the system.

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The Intel® SSD Toolbox will recognize Intel® SSDs that are connected via its form factor ( SATA, M.2, PCIe*) therefore through a USB connection, the drive will not be recognized.

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In case anyone else is experiencing the same issue as the original poster, here's a workaround Intel support provided when I contacted them. Download Intel® Data Migration Software Workaround Tool

When I used that workaround utility, the Data Migration software no longer complained. Hope that helps someone.