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X25-m SSD 160gb only 8mb remain after shutdown

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I have used this drive for 2 days now in my MacBook Pro (early 2008). Before I installed anything I successfully updated the firmware to the latest release (045C8820) and at last I was very happy with the drive's performance.

Now, after a restart the drive seems to be broken, in system profiler the drive's capacity is 8mb, modell stays INTEL SSDSA2MH160G1GC but now the strange part-> serial is shown as BAD_CTX.

Well, anyone has an idea? Perhaps a way to reset the drive or is it broken?

Of course this happens on saturday, 1 day before my vacation


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This disaster also happened on my X25-m 80gb. as a result i has losed all my data and failed to reuse this disk.

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Have you returned it to Intel?

I hope somebody from engineering team comments this situation.

The main questions are

1.What BAD_CTX means?

2.Is there way to restore drive capacity?

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Looks like your SSD gone bad. Go for RMA while it is still in warranty.

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Hi @all,

I do have the same problem with the Intel X25-M 160GB on my Acer Aspire TimelineX 4820TG-644G16Mnks.

It occured now 3 times (first time after about one month, 2nd and 3rd in intervals of 3-5 weeks).

The first two times it was just a temporarily problem for a few hours and it was gone after booting ubuntu.

Now the problem lasts already since the the hole day.

Now, I'm trying to contact my dealer at first and ask them for a solution.