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Drop in 4K write speed on X25-M G2 160GB

New Contributor

I have loaded WIndows 7 Ultimate on this drive about 4 times since I had it.

It is in a new system now. For fun, re-ran the crystaldiskmark.

The numbers are pretty much the same as the reviewers when the drive first came out.

But many of their 4K writes were about 50 MB/s.

Mine are about 25, so half.

I ran the ssd toolkit optimizer for fun- but I AM in WIn7 unraided.

Same number.

All the other speeds are similar to all the reviewers, and what I had when the drive was new.

What would cause just 4K writes to go half?

Is there a remedy?




I would like to suggest you a couple of recommendations that might help on this case, make sure that in the BIOS you are using the AHCI option before you install the operating system, update the BIOS and use the latest SATA drivers.

If you already install the operating system under IDE, it is recommended to perform a secure erase using "Diskpart" in Windows 7*:

Note that you can to install the Solid State Drive as a secondary hard disk drive in your system or using the installation disk of Windows* from the window where you select the hard disk drive where to install the operating system you can press down Shift+F10 the command prompt window will pop-up.

Here are some instructions to use this tool:

- Type the "Windows*" key in your keyboard plus the letter "R" at the same time, this will open the "run" command

- Then type "DiskPart" to launch the tool

- Type "List disk" to see all the hard drives connected:

- Then type "Select disk # ", change the pound sign for the number of the Solid-state drive.

- Then type again "List disk" to verify that the star selects the right drive.

- Then type "Clean All"

The procedure should take around 3 to 4 minutes in an Intel® X25-V Value SSD 40GB, 8 to 9 minutes in an Intel® X25-M SATA SSD 80GB, MLC and around 15 minutes in an Intel® X25-M SSD, 160GB SATA II MLC.

After the procedure is gone "DiskPart" will show a message "DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk"

The utility will leave the disk at manufacturer state; therefore it is needed to initialize the disk again to use it.