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SSD Drop Out in Raid 5

Esteemed Contributor III

Using a highpoint rr2644 controller, 4 disk raid 5, my X-25M disks periodically (every few months) are marked as failed. Restarting the

box brings them back. I suspect strongly that they perform some internal maintainence that causes the controller to time them out.

These disks get fairly heavy traffic.

Any known solutions to this problem - either from the standpoint of reducing the disk slowdown, or controllers known to work with the disks???




Hello, I would like to let you know that there are no RAID controllers so far that can work with the Trim command, this is a hardware limitation.

Take into consideration that any Solid State Drive in a RAID array will experience performance degradation overtime.

Esteemed Contributor III

....or controllers known to work with the disks???

No problems so far with Intel Rapid Storage Technology that have to do with ssd's dropping out of RAID.

You really shouldn't be getting a ssd to drop out of RAID really...have you installed the newest Frimware or contacted highpoint about this?

Esteemed Contributor III

Thanks for the replies. After the two initial dropouts, in each case we replaced the disk, this thing has run w/o a hitch - almost a year now. I'm

assuming we got two bad disks (out of 😎 and leaving it at that. No hardware or software changes outside of the replacement of the disks...