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"The Intel SSD Toolbox cannot communicate with the selected Intel SSD"

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When I try to use the Intel SSD Optimizer I get the following message:

"The Intel SSD Toolbox cannot communicate with the selected Intel SSD.  

Consider changing to another storage driver compatible with your system and try the tool again."

I'm using: Intel SSD 320 Series 80gb, and I have the latest firmware installed according to the Toolbox.

Anyone knows if I really do have the wrong drivers, and if so, where do I get proper drivers?


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Hello Stim,

This error can show up if the drive is recognized incorrectly. You can check this in device manager. Double-click on 'disk drives' then double-click on your Solid State Drive then on the details tab. In the details tab click on the drop down menu and select hardware Ids, this will display several lines these all start in a similar way: IDE\DiskINTEL … if this is the case then the drive is recognized correctly by the motherboard. If it starts different like SCSI/Disk… then you would have the incorrect drivers.

Also note that the drive must be connected directly to an internal SATA port for it to be recognized correctly by the Toolbox.

If the issue is actually related to the driver, in that case the drivers you need to look for are the ones from the motherboard; these can be specifically SATA controller drivers, or they could be integrated into the chipset drivers.

You may also try connecting the SSD to a different internal SATA port if you have another one available, since most desktop systems have a two SATA controllers, each SATA controller uses separate drivers.

For help to find device manager you may refer to the link below it lists the steps for most Windows* versions:

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How exactly do set up the correct drivers for the SSD?

I have installed the toolbox and the Rapid Storage Drivers. I try to uninstall the device in the hopes that it get recognized correctly. Nothing.

What can we do?



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I would like to know this too since I am having the same issue with my new 510 SSD. Windows sees the drive as SCSI in device manager with the current drivers. Thanks.

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Anyone from Intel have anything else on this? Asus has replicated this issue with Intel's sata driver on the new x79 chipset. My Asus Rampage IV Extreme board reports my Intel 510 SSD as a SCSI and the toolbox won't connect with the drive, unless I roll back to the native microsoft AHCI driver. With that, the esata ports don't work. Anyone from Intel have a solution here? Thanks.