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New firmware for the 320 Series: 4PC10365

Esteemed Contributor III

It's found on HP site, and seems to be dedicated to OEM products that are used by HP. Will this new firmware be able to further eliminate the 8MB bug?

Released: 2011-10-20

Version: 4PC10365 Fix/Enhancement: - Fixes an intermittent issue where the system cannot restart (boot) and displays "Boot device not found" after resuming from hibernation mode. - Fixes an issue where data is not completely saved to the hard drive and is lost when the system is suddenly powered off.



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Just wanted to clarify that the firmware referred to addresses an issue specific to HP platforms, relating to suspend and resume. For more information, visit HP's support website.

-Scott, Intel Corporation

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What if we use "Retail" 320s (i.e., not purchased originally with the HP system) in HP desktop systems?

Does 4PC10365 have the fix in it for the BAD_CTX bug that had the unexpected power loss issue where 8mb drives would show up?