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New 330 series drive with funny SMART results

Esteemed Contributor III

I just bought a new Intel 330 series 60GB drive. I tried it in two different computers and it works fine, except for some unusual SMART results. For example "Power-On-Hours-Count: 894811" or "Host Writes: 101,16GB". I know the results are impossible, but could this be fixed in next Toolbox or firmware?

My system:

Core i3 3120

Asrock P67 Pro3

Windows 7 SP1 32bit

SSD Toolbox 3.03


New Contributor II

Same issue was reported for Intel 520 series, see /message/152232# 152232 /message/152232

No feedback from Intel so far.

Device Statistics may return reasonable values, but this new ATA feature is still not supported by Intel SSD Toolbox.

Esteemed Contributor III

I agree those values look strange, and you would think they would be presented in a more friendly manner in the Toolbox, since the power on hours count resembles a raw value.

The following is from the SSD 330 Specification document, about the Power On Hours Count:

The raw value reports two values: the first 4 bytes report the cumulative number of power-on hours over the life of the device, the remaining bytes report the number of milliseconds since the last hour increment.


So is this the raw value being displayed? If so, how do we interpret bytes if the byte length of the field is not known. Also, is that a four byte integer, or ASCII characters, or what?

Total LBA's Written is described as:

The raw value of this attribute reports the total number of sectors written by the host system. The raw value is increased by 1 for every 65,536 sectors (32MB) written by the host.

The keyword here may be "host". Speculating, that is the hosts (Windows) view of what has been written, which is somehow different than what actually is written.

The F9 attribute, Total NAND Writes, is described as:

Raw value reports the number of writes to NAND in 1 GB increments.

Your value of 32 may be more realistic than the Total LBA's written value.

As Christian wrote, the 520 SSD reports similar values, so are they correct since they are the same, or just wrong again? Reporting in the forums may get no response, asking in the true Support section may provide an answer.

New Contributor II

Comparing SMART Attributes with Device Statistics log may help, see /message/160265# 160265 Device Statistics units of measure are specified by ATA ACS-2 and should never be vendor specific.