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Intel X-25 M vs Intel X-25 E write speed

Curious but is the lower write speed for the Intel X-24 M due to either firmware or hardware restriction? Asking when comparing to similar sized drives from Kingston, OCZ and Corsair that offers way better write speed and similar read speed. Any one ...

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going from 1 SSD to 2 in RAID

I am currently running 1 Intel 160Gb X-25M SSD under Windows 7 64-bit using the Microsoft driver msahci so I get TRIM support. Now that Intel has finally released a new RST driver that supports TRIM I want to get another 160Gb X-25M and run them in R...

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Unable to install W7 on 40gb x25v

Just got my new SSD and wanted to use it as my main OS drive. I only have an upgrade copy of W7 so I had to install my copy of XP first. I was able to install XP normally. When I attempted to install the W7 upgrade all seemed fine until the last step...

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XP 64 - AHCI - toolbox issues..Any ideas on this solution ...

Windows XP sees my controllers as SCSI devices when I am in AHCI - therefore toolbox will not function. The ATTO scores are better in AHCI than IDE - especially the initial read and wwrite scores. Any issues that I might cause by running in AHCI and ...

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intel solid-state toolbox

I have a intelx25-v solid state drive and have intel solid-state toolbox installed and running. it worked at one time but will not work anymore because it says raid is not supported. I have raid disabled in my bios and also did a firmware upgrade a...

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