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Matrix storage manager prevents run windows update

Esteemed Contributor III


When I install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager version downloaded from the website, I noticed that windows update does not work properly.

The hard drive is in AHCI in the BIOS

If I search update, a window informs me that the update can not be made because the service is stopped.

I checked the services, and the following services are started:

- Windows update - Transfer Service Background Intelligent

I tried restarting the services, and the result is the same.

I uninstalled Intel Matrix Storage Manager and windows update works again.

How to run Windows Update when Matrix storage manager is installed?

Here's my setup:

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

motherboard: GIGABYTE

Model Name: GA-EP45-DS4 (rev. 1.0) -------------------------- Rev. Motherboard: 1.0 Ver. BIOS: F4 -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- VGA Brand: Asus Model: GTS450 CPU Brand: Intel Model: Q8400 Speed: 2.66 OS: Win 7 64-bit SP1 Brand of Memory: Kingston Type: DDRII Memory Size: 2048 Speed: 800 Power: 480 W

- Seagate ST1000FM003-9YN162 1TB - AHCI enabled in the bios ************************************************** ******** thank you for your help



Esteemed Contributor III

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi I have the same problem.....

Intel Matrix Storage Manager installed = no Windows Update

2 hdd seagate 500gb RAID1

thank you

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Hi all! I had this problem today! after installing Intel Matrix Storage Manager, Windows Update could not do any search and reported that he could not perform any search because the service was being held ...

Currently, I have a HP EliteBook 8440p. in my case, it did apply the solution was to restore the system to a restore point before installing Intel Matrix Storage Manager and then reinstall the chipset drivers and go!

These drivers are not the most updated but do apply to the AHCI controller and also allow you to use Windows Update!

I hope to help with this, I read both Intel and Microsoft and HP and not much information about it ...


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Hello all.

Intel Matrix Storage inhibits windows update in Windows 7

To solve the problem, install Intel Rapid Storage.